WCMA Committees

Communications Committee

The WCMA Communications Committee supports the mission of the Association by educating members and the general public about issues relating to the North American wood products industry through its newsletter, website, informational brochures, press releases, newspaper and radio interviews, group email blasts, informal gatherings and the programs offered by the WCMA.

Purpose: To create, collect, disseminate, and archive information that is important to WCMA members.


  • Review new methods/technologies of communicating
  • Assess the needs of the membership related to communications
  • Propose new methods of communicating with the stakeholders of the association

Education & Programs Committee

The WCMA Education & Programs Committee will recommend educational content and programs for the association, considering both long-range and short-range planning. Advise and recommend themes, programs, presenters, topics, events, promotions, and attendance to make the programs of the WCMA representative of the diverse needs of the WCMA members.

Purpose: To provide educational programs, speakers, seminars and classes useful to the membership.


  • Exchange ideas on the problems, trends, and new concepts of the profession to facilitate the planning and promotion of programs tailored to the needs of the profession
  • Recommend educational programs and presenters designed to meet the needs of the profession and diverse populations
  • Promote WCMA programs to obtain an ample number of registrants
  • Recommend social activities to give registrants a chance to meet one another
  • Provide a forum for discussion of techniques, skills, and problems in the workplace
  • Explore opportunities to provide WCMA members with additional educational opportunities

Finance & Audit Committee

The WCMA Finance & Audit Committee acts on behalf of the board of directors and oversees all material aspects of the organization’s financial reporting, internal control, and audit functions. The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, financial reporting, contingency planning, investment policy, reserve policy, and financial effect of employee benefits. The committee assists other committees and staff, including the Programs & Education Committee.

Purpose: Oversee and review Association financial matters and investment program.


  • Review the Association’s financial policies and make recommendations for the board’s approval
  • Review the proposed annual operating budget presented by the executive director. After any appropriate revisions, the committee will accept the budget. Then the committee chair will present the budget to the board for approval.
  • Interview and recommend selection of the external auditor to the board of directors every three years
  • Recommend guidelines and goals for the investment of the Association’s surplus funds to the board of directors

Membership Committee

The WCMA Membership Committee is responsible for engaging current and potential members of the WCMA, and developing strategies and campaigns that enhance the membership and strengthens the organization. The committee ensures that members are informed, involved, and recognized for their contributions to the association which will increase member satisfaction.

Purpose: To encourage, promote, and maintain membership in the Association


  • Recommend a long-range plan of membership goals as well as activities to meet these goals
  • Periodic membership campaigns
  • Assessment of membership needs through membership surveys, focus groups, etc.
  • Host First Timers/New Member events
  • Review applications for membership to determine if appropriate class of membership is being applied for
  • Enhance the membership experience and increase member participation
  • Contact members with lapsed memberships