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Manufacturer Membership Dues: Dues are computed at a rate of $1.00 (US)* per $1,200 (US)* of annual wood component product shipments.

  • Minimum dues are $1,000 per year
  • Maximum dues are $3,000 per year

Membership is based on the calendar year, January through December. Dues payments for the year shall be based on the prior year’s total dollar value of all wood component product shipments to outside customers. Any member wishing to join the association mid-year will have their dues prorated after March.

*Canadian members convert their Canadian dollar shipments to US dollars and pay in US dollars to equalize the exchange rate difference.

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Company Capabilities


Products Produced

 Butcher Block  
 Cabinet Parts  
 Casket Parts  
 Chair Parts  
 Cut-to-size blanks  
 Drawer Parts  
 Edge-glued panels  
 Lineal Mouldings  
 Mouldings, MDF  
 Musical Instrument Parts  
 Particleboard Parts  
 Plywood Parts  
 Solid Blanks  
 Squares, laminated  
 Squares, solid  
 Stair Parts  
 Table Parts  
 Toy Parts  
 Upholstered Frame Stock  
 Veneered Parts  


 Assembly, full  
 Assembly, light  
 CNC Machining  
 Cut to Length  
 Steam Bending  


 Engineered Wood  
 Fir, Douglas  
 Maple, hard  
 Maple, soft  
 Oak, red  
 Oak, white  
 Pine, ponderosa  
 Pine, white  
 Pine, yellow  

Processing Capabilities

 Cold/Hot Press  
 Cut to size panel/beam saw  
 Delivery (Owned Trucks)  
 Engineering, In House Tooling  
 Engineering, Product Design  
 Kiln Operations  
 Profile Wrapping  
 Rough Mill  
 Saw Mill  

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