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ISO/ANSI/OSHA meeting in New York March 9-13-15

posted on March 24, 2015


ISO/ANSI/OSHA meeting in New York March 9-13 2015                                                                                                            March 16, 2015


Last week in the first meeting of its kind, ten ISO members representing Germany, France, Austria, Brazil and Italy met with US/TAG (Technical Advisory Group) members and OSHA at the ANSI New York offices.

The ISO group has reactivated and reviewed existing European machine standards, for the purpose of creating new and up to date International standards to be embraced by all major developed countries worldwide. The ANSI US/TAG was formed in April, 2014 for the purpose of evaluating and harmonize these International standards, so they can be adopted and published in the USA through ANSI.


This five day summit’s goal was to review and comment on current TC 39 SC 4 machines standards Working Groups 1 and 2. The meeting’s agenda was successfully completed and much progress was made in a high spirit of cooperation and synergy.


The highlight of the meeting was the participation of Mr. Michael Levy, Assistant Regional Administrator for OSHA, who contributed new and important information regarding OSHA’s operational procedures and standards.  Mr. Levy’s Power Point presentation was followed by an intense Q&A session comparing and contrasting regulatory requirements and enforcement standards. Mr.  Levy was impressed by the high level of technical preparation of the meeting participants, the depth of the safety standards discussion and the fact that two ISO representative were French and German safety inspectors for their respective Department of Labor and Occupational Safety offices. 

The US TAG feels that an important first step has been taken in the future involvement of OSHA in accepting and utilizing harmonized ISO/ANSI standards in the U.S, although much work still needs to be done. We encourage all people  that are “experts” in specific types of machines, whether WMIA members or not,  to contact us because your input can have a significant impact on the final standards that will affect our industry for years to come.

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Riccardo Azzoni

Executive Vice President