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Keeping Forests as Forests #forestproud

Forest Proud Initiative of North America Forest Partnership: They have a great set of modern, cutting edge videos, with all the media tools for social sharing, content already written, etc.  New is the series for employee engagement, recruitment, and industry awareness. Well worth a few minutes of your time: Video Segments Here


We Could Cut Atmospheric Carbon by 25% by Planting a Forest the Size of the United States

A new study lays out a green (very green), data-driven plan to capture much of our atmosphere's carbon pool. The right trees planted in the right place could have a major impact on climate change. Read more here.

Wood Products Mitigate Less Than 1 Percent of Global Carbon Emissions

The world's wood products - all the paper, lumber, furniture and more - offset less than 1 percent of annual global carbon emissions by locking away carbon in woody forms, according to new research. Read more.

An Inside Look into the Hardwood Industry

The American Hardwood Information Center was featured on TLC's "Make This Place Your Home", a new how-to, do-it-yourself television series hosted by Jackie Zeman of soap opera fame, and Jaimie Laurita, Rock & Roll Chef and kitchen designer to the stars. Watch the segment here.

Mass timber comes of age

Judging by the outcome of a recent International Code Council Action Hearing, it’s likely that we will be seeing more and taller mass timber buildings across the country very soon.  Read more. 

(Posted 07/11/18)

Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Sustainability in American Hardwoods

The use of – and demand for – American hardwoods continues to grow, raising the question of whether harvesting these trees is sustainable. Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

Our forests are dying; mortality is exceeding net growth

Forest mortality is exceeding net growth in America and timber harvests are just a small percentage of the reason why. Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

Saving our Southern forests: A history lesson

Our Southern forests are some of the most biodiverse in the world, providing aesthetics, recreation, water filtration, and regional climate regulation. Yet we are rapidly degrading and losing them. How did we get here? Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

 WWhy Alder.jpghy use alder wood?

 Workable, beautiful, and versatile, it's easy to see why alder continues to gain popularity around the world among cabinetmakers. Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

Consumers are willfully ignorant about their products, study finds

Ohio State University researchers found that consumers are often "willfully ignorant" about how their products are made - conveniently forgetting if their product was made unethically. Read more.

(Posted 7/3/18)

52 types of wood and the trees they come from

Familiarity with tree types and wood grain is one of the most important skills of woodworking. Which are your favorites to work with? Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

Trees outnumber people 300 to 1 in the United States

The U.S. Forest Service has counted 96.6 billion trees in its latest tally, with woodlands covering one-third of the country. Read More.

(Posted 7/3/18)

AWC Industry Progress Report shows improvements - Environment, energy and safety data detailed

The American Wood Council (AWC) has released its second Industry Progress Report, detailing the wood products manufacturing industry’s performance across a number of environment, energy and safety measures. Read More.

It's Alive! Tree Stumps Might Actually Not Be Dead

Auckland University of Technology researcher Sebastian Leuzinger was hiking through a New Zealand forest when he noticed a tree stump with living tissue sprouting from it. But how could a tree stump survive without green foliage? Read more.

(Posted 7/3/18)