Tips and Best Practices for WCMA Member Recruiting

1. Familiarize yourself with requirements for WCMA membership, and only invite those companies that do qualify.

2. Brainstorm and target people and facilities you think would benefit from being a WCMA member

3. Spread the word! Word of mouth is key in recruiting. Consider posting on LinkedIn or other social media platforms your WCMA membership testimonial. Tell your colleagues how WCMA membership has benefited you. Make sure to tag WCMA within your post.

4. Share the WCMA Membership Guide with a prospect. Our brochure features WCMA member benefits and resources received when you become a member. Contact to receive additional copies of the brochure.

5. Promote an upcoming WCMA event that the prospect might be interested in.

6. Invite the prospect to register and attend the WCMA Fall Conference with you.

7. Invite the prospective member to meet with you either in-person or by phone.

8. Provide colleagues with the necessary information about how to join, including the membership benefits brochure and application.

9. Follow-up to see if the prospective member has filled out their application.

10. Be sure to instruct the prospective member to include YOUR company name on the application.