Additional Information for Tech Partner/Supplier Attendees

Shipping Info for Tech Partners

Please ship your items for the Networking Receptions, PIE appointments, etc. (brochures, supplies, etc.) to the following address:

Astor Crowne Plaza
WCMA/MMPA Fall Tech Ed Conference
Hold for Guest: _______________
Arriving on: __________________
739 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Important: Be sure to label all packages with your name and the date you will arrive at the Astor Crowne Plaza.

Tech Partner & Sponsor Briefing

There will be a briefing for Tech Partners & Sponsors on Sunday, September 22, at 3:45 pm in the St. Charles Ballroom. This will be a great opportunity to meet with the event organizers and get answers to any questions you may have about the program, schedule, PIE appointments, etc.

Networking Tables during 2 Receptions

Tech Partners may lay out their brochures and marketing materials beginning at 4:10 pm on Sunday, and again on Tuesday, in the respective ballroom areas. The cocktail rounds are on a first come basis. Tech Partners may claim any open table without a Reserved Sign.

Educational Sessions – Tuesday

General Educational Sessions - Attendees will have access to general educational sessions in Astor Ballroom I & II, please see the agenda for times. The sessions will be presentations developed by the presenters which reflect the current tech environment and trends. Attendees may flow in and out of these sessions when they do not have a PIE appointment.

Productivity Information Exchange (PIE) Appointments - Tech Partners who have registered to participate in PIE appointments will hold their appointments in their suites. You will be provided a schedule with the manufacturer appointments.

How to take advantage of Education Day - To participate in PIE appointments, you must notify Kellie Schroeder at MMPA:  You will be required to turn in a synopsis of your company and product offerings in order for the manufacturers to familiarize themselves with your company and then select you for an appointment.

To conduct a presentation for the general assembly, please submit your topic along with a synopsis of the talk you desire to deliver. This must be a forward-thinking presentation focused on tech advances, trends, etc. Submit your title and presentation outline to either Amy Snell, or Kellie Schroeder,

If you are unclear what you have signed up for regarding PIE appointments or general session presentations, please contact Amy or Kellie immediately

Stocking Your Suite

Food and Beverage for PIE Appointments and Poker Suite Crawl - Tech Partners participating in the PIE appointments and/or Poker Suite Crawl may desire to stock their suite with beverages, snacks, etc. Room Service at the Astor Crowne Plaza is not capable of handling special food and beverage orders, e.g., cold beverages (soft drinks, beer, wine) and snacks (pastries, chips, dip, salsa, cheese plates). To order food and beverage for your PIE appointments or Poker Suite Crawl, please contact Kellie Schroeder at MMPA. Kellie will help facilitate your banquet order with the hotel. Please email:

The WCMA & MMPA Would Like to Thank the Following Companies for their Support of the 2019 Fall Conference, Plant Tour & Tech Ed Event:

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