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The WCMA is just one small association among many other hardwood associations in the industry. We recognize that the industry is facing significant challenges due to substitute materials, unclear messaging about the benefits of hardwood, and consumer trends. The WCMA has agreed to financially support a coalition between other hardwood associations to collectively promote United States hardwoods. The Real American Hardwood Coalition was formed, and the WCMA is a proud supporter. Visit the website today, or email !

The Time is Now!

images/Solid Wood FlooringTo secure our industry’s future, we must unite toward a common goal. The Real American Hardwood Coalition was launched in 2019 as an industry association-led effort to meet the imperative goals of increasing markets and sales of Real American Hardwood, celebrating the sustainability of hardwood goods, generating new products, and improving overall industry stability. The campaign focuses on driving consumer demand, knowing that as consumers increasingly select Real American Hardwood products our entire industry supply chain will benefit.

What Consumers Want

From extensive consumer research we have learned much about what consumers, including homeowners, renovators, builders, designers, and architects, want when they select building products. Appearance, durability, and value are the most important factors to potential hardwood consumers. Sustainability and natural are additional important factors that tip the decision toward hardwoods at the final stage of the process. Unfortunately, consumers don’t always know the benefits of choosing hardwood. The great news is hardwood ticks all these boxes and consumers are open to learning.

Our research also showed that there are three keys to winning consumers over to hardwood. Our promotion campaign must connect with consumers early in their decision-making process when they are thinking and dreaming about the possibilities. Our products look and feel must connect with their emotions and carry through to the final moment when they make their selection. Hardwood must be everywhere – in stores, online, in print, on social media, and on television – to keep our products front and center from the idea stage to final payment.

The WCMA is a founding member of the Real American Hardwood Coalition. If you would like to become an active part of the Coalition, support the initiative financially, or have questions, please reach out via email to wcma@wcma.com or call 651-332-6332.