Additional Information for Manufacturer Attendees

Poker Suite Crawl – Monday

Manufacturers will ‘crawl’ through the hotel to visit Tech Partners sponsoring the Poker Crawl to collect one playing card from each sponsor. Manufacturers can visit various suites, in no particular order, to collect cards in order to build his/her best poker hand. The manufacturer will then ‘play’ their hand during the Tuesday reception. To play one hand, the manufacturer must have collected at least 5 cards from different Tech Partners.

Each Tech Partner will have a different color deck of cards with their name on each card. A Poker hand may not include repeated Tech Partner colors or company designation. Manufacturers must organize their hand to have 5 separate cards from 5 different Tech Partners to play their best hand. If the hand does not meet the requirements, the player forfeits his/her cards.

EXAMPLE:  If a manufacturer visits six Poker Crawl Suites, he/she may use any 5 of their cards collected to make their best hand, but they must use one card only from each Suite visited. If a manufacturer trades cards with another manufacturer and plays a hand which does not fit the rules, he/she will forfeit their cards.

Educational Sessions – Tuesday

General Educational Sessions - Attendees will have access to general educational sessions in Astor Ballroom I & II, please see the agenda for times. The sessions will be presentations developed by the presenters which reflect the current tech environment and trends. Attendees may flow in and out of these sessions when they do not have a PIE appointment.

Productivity Information Exchange (PIE) Appointments - Manufacturers will also attend individual Productivity Information Education (PIE) appointments. PIE appointments are one-on-one educational sessions with Tech Partners and/or suppliers in their suite. A manufacturer may submit specific questions to a Tech Partner to have a personalized session on the topic of their choice. If a manufacturer requests, or is assigned, a PIE appointment with a Tech Partner and no specific subject is identified, the Tech Partner will cover the latest innovations during the appointment.

How to take advantage of Education Day - Once you have registered, you will receive a form via email to sign up for PIE appointments featuring those supply companies that are taking appointments. The personal PIE appointments are on a first come basis. If you have any questions regarding PIE, please contact Kellie Schroeder,

Reciprocal Plant Tour

It is understood if a millwork manufacturing attendee walks/tours one of the facilities on the Fall Tech Ed & Plant Tours 2019 program line-up, they will reciprocate with a tour offered to the plant host within an 18-month period should the plant host desire to visit their plant. Tour requests will be handled by the event organizers.

The WCMA & MMPA Would Like to Thank the Following Companies for their Support of the 2019 Fall Conference, Plant Tour & Tech Ed Event:

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