Headset Usage Policy & Fee

Stiles Machinery Inc. is providing their headsets to enhance the overall tour experience. The WCMA and MMPA would like to return the headsets in as good of condition as received. Please treat the loaned headsets with care and respect. Twisting, turning and bunching up the headset can lead to receiver failure and/or a snow effect when listening with the device.

This notice is to inform you of the new procedures put in place regarding the use of the headsets. To prevent missing or damaged headsets, this policy applies to all attendees checking out a headset:

  • Each day of Plant Tours you will receive a headset. When you check out a headset, your name will be checked off the master list.
  • When turning in your headset at the end of the day so it may charge overnight, you will need to hand your headset to a WCMA or MMPA staff member. When you turn in your headset, please ensure your name is checked off the master list for that day's tours. This procedure ensures that both the event staff and yourself know that you have returned your headset.
  • If your headset is returned damaged or you fail to return your headset, you will be charged a fee of $725.00 to replace the headset. This fee is non-negotiable.

WCMA and MMPA thank all of the participants for their cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions about the new procedures, please feel free to discuss this with Amy Snell or Kellie Schroeder, the lead event staff members.