Women in Woodworking: 3 Start-Up Success Stories

To thrive in the woodworking industry takes more than skill. It’s passion that differentiates successful woodworkers from the dabblers. And all three of these women know that well. Sadie Mae John, Anika Gandhi, and April Wilkerson all started with a need, found the solutions in themselves, and since then have continued sharing their woodworking journeys to enable others. Read more

Your Right Job. Right Now.

Whether you are beginning to think about what you want to do after high school, starting a new chapter in life, or simply looking for stable income, your skills are needed in the wood industry. The You Wood website explores career opportunities in the wood industry, myths vs facts, and the economic impact the industry maintains today and into the future. Click here to learn more


A Day @ AWC: Careers in the Woodworking Industry

This video was produced on October 2020 for Manufacturing Day. The nearly six-minute video, intended to introduce students to career pathways in the wood industry, features the team at Architectural Wood Working Co., Los Angeles Click here to view

Cultivating the Next Generation

It’s been one of the biggest challenges in the home remodeling industry for quite some time: How can projects be scheduled and completed in a timely manner when there is a shortage of skilled trade professionals to get the jobs done? NKBA surveyed high schoolers to determine the best approaches for steering them toward careers in skilled trades. Click here for more.

Women's Work

Necessity opens the door to equal opportunity and innovation that serves everyone. It often requires a re-evaluation of the status quo – and a shift in a class culture that has alienated and defeminized women who make a living getting their hands dirty. Read more

Wood Industry Career Resources

 Why Choose the Wood Industry for your Career? Lakes States Lumber Association highlights the benefits of a career with wood. 

Watch the video 

Michigan Woodworking Training Program Develops Skilled Workforce

Michigan Career and Technical Institute may seem like a traditional center for higher education. But what's inside its walls is one of the most technically advanced woodworking institutes in the country. Read more.

Cue Career: Career in the Classroom

Two wood company representatives - Whitney Pyle from Advanced Cabinet Systems and Saul Martin from Architectural Woodworking Company - answer student questions and talk about the woodworking industry, careers, and related opportunities.

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Cue Career

Cue Career aggregates the resources of industry associations for career exploration/navigation and workforce development. Students explore careers by watching video interviews with people who are early in their career (members of associations) and access workforce development opportunities such as internships, apprenticeships, mentor ships, micro-credentials, and badges offered by associations. Cue Career now has a link to the WCMA's information.  Read more

We Need White and Blue Collar Jobs

There is an onus on building professionals to spread the word to high school-aged students that jobs in the trades can be just as good as white collar jobs. Read more.

The Hot New Gen-Z Trend Is Skipping College

High schoolers are weighing the benefits of blue-collar trades at a time when well-paying jobs—and no debt—are hard to pass up.
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Let's quit brainwashing kids that it's a college degree or nothing

Too many young people are sold a bill of goods that the only road to success is a college education.  Read more

The top states for woodworking: who works where and how much do they make?

What are the top U.S. states for woodworking and how much can you earn in the different industries? Check out the three infographics for details, plus find more market data in the December 2018 FDMC Wood Industry AlmanacRead more

School focuses on woodworking careers

A visit to the New England School of Architectural Woodworking is more like a visit to a professional cabinet shop than it is to a school woodshop. For one thing, the students are a lot older. Read more

Manufacturing: An excellent choice for career and country

If you are a young person looking for a career choice, or a mature worker contemplating a career change, you should consider a future in manufacturing. There are many benefits in the field that aren't explained or highlighted outside of the industry, and this lack of information is exceedingly problematic in a country whose economy depends so heavily on manufacturing. Read more

Lake States Lumber Association Education (LSLA Education)

The education division of Lake States Lumber Association provides training to industry employees in areas such as Hardwood Lumber Grading, Lean Manufacturing, Sawmill or Dry Kiln Startup and Expansion, Conversion to Wood Fire Boiler and others.

Woodwork Career Alliance of North America

Credentialing for Professional Woodworkers and Students: Founded in 2007, the mission of the Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA) is to support workforce development for the woodworking industry, which includes certification and training of new and existing woodworking professionals as well as students at both the high school and post secondary levels. Learn more

Wood Industry Almanac: Who works where

Highlighted in the infographics are the top U.S. states for wood products manufacturing, average annual wages per industry, and hourly earnings per job description. Worker shortages are a top concern for wood manufacturing firms, and in construction and remodeling industries.  Learn more

Wood Industry Education

This resource site is targeted to students, educators and industry professionals interested in the wood products manufacturing and related industries. Whether you are seeking to enhance your skills, connect with industry events, locate job listings or compete in a competition, you can get started here.