2014 Fall Conference & Plant Tour

September 14 - 16, 2014
Best Western/Country Cupboard Inn

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Over 115 WCMA Members, Technology Partners, and Plant Tour Hosts participated in the Wood Component Manufacturers Association's 2014 Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event in the Lewisburg, Pennsylvania area, from September 14 - 16. This year's event offered an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with each other and visit with our Technology Partners during the Wood Technology Expo, as well as tour a number of leading manufacturing facilities.

Jeremy Rentschler, with Indiana Dimension, Inc., stated "I thought the tours and conference were really well done this year. I thought the Technology Expo was excellent and am excited as to the direction that the association is moving. I can't think of any reasons why not to be a member and draw information from this powerful group".

WCMA Members and Technology Partners toured the production facilities of six innovative manufacturing operations. The WCMA plant tours are designed to encourage an open exchange of ideas regarding the latest woodworking production techniques, as well as overall business solutions. Attendees are able to observe actual applications of new technology and visualize how they might apply them in their own plants.

In addition, this year the group had the opportunity to participate in several educational sessions. Speakers were brought in from the Penn State Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering and spoke on a variety of topics. To view these presentations, click on the links below. Attendees commented that the educational sessions were relevant to their plants and the work being done, and brought great value to the event.

We also heard very positive feedback on the headsets that were used during the tours this year. The headsets helped everyone stay on track with tour leaders and focus on the information being shared. Thank you to Stiles for allowing us to use their headsets!

The WCMA Board of Directors has agreed that next year's tours will take place in the Sherbrooke area of Quebec. If you were not able to participate in this years excellent tours, be sure to plan on attending next year.


WCMA Membership Meeting

Monday Educational Sessions
ABE Department Overview  presented by Dr. Paul Heinemann
Green is the New Lean  presented by Dr. Judd Michael

Monday Dinner Session
Manufacturing Success in the Idea Economy  presented by Russ Lawrence

Tuesday Educational Sessions
From WP to BP - Opportunities and Changes - BioRenewable Resources Major  presented by Dr. Jude Liu & Dr. Nikki Brown
Sticking Points - The Basics of Wood Adhesion  presented by Dr. Nikki Brown
Dirty: Why Surfaces are Never Clean, and How This Impacts Coating/Finishing Operations  presented by Dr. Nikki Brown